Real Estate Agent

A former president of the Organization of Young Professionals and a past chairman at The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce, Matt Sweeting boasts a pretty robust resume. 

With Over 15 years in the real estate industry he has become known to his clients as “Your Agent for Life.” An associated phrase he takes seriously, claiming that if you do one deal with him he can win your business for life. 

As Chief Brokerage Officer at the firm he is committed to making 1 OAK Bahamas, a company number one in customer satisfaction, of which he believes financial success is a subsequence of. Matt is a bit of a self proclaimed marketing nerd spending his time at home researching marketing trends in real estate and binging Netflix. 

Quoting his whatsapp about section he’s “always available to talk real estate”.

Matt Sweeting

149 Shirley St
Nassau, Nassau and Paradise Island Bahamas